» Trapped in Yesterday~(N and Touya)


N’s heart dropped a bit at the Zoura’s tale. So he was abandoned. That explained a fair amount; its attitude against Touya, its pranks against humans and flocking to a town in the first place. It was always a shame, if he really did like that owner; it always took a bit for any Pokémon to open up again. But that was exactly what he was trying to do before, sepreate people and their friends. In the grand scheme of things, the separation seemed logical, but at an individual scale, this sort of thing happened. Pokémon were hurt more than when they were with their trainer.

He felt a bit bad when Touya tripped over the Lilipup in an attempt to ‘save’ him, though he actually felt worse for the poor puppy. Pokémon being outside of their Pokeballs was good until they started tripping people. Then again, if Chandelure hadn’t been out, Touya would have busted his head open on the table or something of the like, which would have been a much more terrible situation. 

The food comment was apparently taken a lot more literally than he intended, Touya scurrying around to feed his charges with the help of his Pokémon. He waved off the apology quickly, whipping his hand on his pants to remove the saliva and speckles of blood from the puncture site, “Don’t worry about it. A lot of Pokémon do that.” Way too many to see it any sort of abnormality. Trainers were accustomed to Pokémon obeying most everything they said, including ‘don’t bite people’. It was bred into them. But wild Pokémon, or at least Pokémon that claimed they were wild, had their instincts, and if there was a hand in front of them that didn’t have food, they were going to bite it.

Chandelure did have food, though, moving past N to set it by the zoura, but not before giving him another dirty look. It didn’t seem to mind N petting him as he was eating, wagging his tail along with a smirk and Touya told about the Pokémon’s exploits in his last town. Playing tricks was a zoura’s specialty, disguising themselves like people and causing all sorts of trouble with their newly donned opposable thumbs. Now that he thought about it, the Zoura probably made himself look like Touya and did rather unkind things with the illusion. Just thinking about it made him laugh some. ‘Wait don’t encourage it, you’re supposed to be helping Touya, not him.’ Old habits.

“So, a wild Zoura,” he started, still petting the Pokémon, through moving from its head to the arch of the back, “some wild setup you having going on here.”

It scoffed some, starting to get as uninterested in him as his ‘owner’.


N propped one arm on the bed, resting his head on a fist, “Kinda weird though, wasn’t it, out on your own. Being used to something and then all of a sudden it just changes, right?” It stayed silent, trying to pay him no mind as it ate. ‘Well, he’s not saying shut up, which is something.’ “Of course, what do I know, right? I’m just some funny named guy Touya dragged in that apparently doesn’t taste too bad.”

Zoura snickered at that, “You’re actually pretty gross.”

“Oh, that’s nice to know,” he teased, rather dramatically, “I’m disgusting on the inside, lovely.” The self deprecation got another laugh. So seriousness wasn’t exactly going to warrant a reaction, but he could be assured that as long as he entertained the fox to an extent, he’d be paying attention.   

“You seen like a reasonable enough pup, I’ll be frank with you,” he stated bluntly. If there was anything any kid like, people or Pokémon, it was the feeling of having control. Sure, N could manipulate and beat around the bush all he wanted, but the fastest and longest lasting thing would be just to tell him what needed to be done. Right?  

“I’m here essentially for translation purposes, or a buffer, whatever you want to call it, because from what I’ve been hearing, you haven’t been all that agreeable.” The pup rolled its eyes. “But, I’m sure there are some things that may fall upon the other members involved in this little meeting.” He could feel the Chandelure’s gaze on him, considering he just called out both her and her beloved owner. “Sound alright to you?”

With a careful, thoughtful pause, the fox gave a curt nod.


“Wonderful.” He turned to face Touya, “If that sounds alright with you, too, that is.” It might have been a bit of an impromptu plan, but it sounded like a good idea when he thought about it. He just hoped Touya thought the same. “You state what you want changed and done, Zoura says his piece, some negotiation and everyone’s happy.” In theory. If worse came to worse, he might just take the Zoura off of Touya’s hands.

He would admit that he felt bad about the Pokemon biting the other, even after he was reassured it was fine. He was sure N was probably used to it, but that didn’t really make it okay. The Zorua tended to bite his caretaker often, but Touya generally tried to avoid situations where he thought the Pokemon would end up biting someone else. It probably didn’t help that he didn’t really correct the Pokemon when it bit him. He figured if the creature was biting him, he probably deserved it anyway. He wasn’t the best with Pokemon. He’d been pecked and bitten more times than he cared to keep track of. The only Pokemon in his care currently that hadn’t tried to attack him during their first meeting was Lulu, and that was even questionable, given the reason ghost Pokemon tended to hang out around hospitals for.

Touya glanced to Lulu after she had given the Zorua his food, the motion enough to call her back to his side. He assumed it would be better to have her away from the fox Pokemon, as the creature seemed to have a great dislike for her. Why, Touya really hadn’t a clue, but he couldn’t blame the Pokemon if he had ever had to sit through one of her lectures. The boy couldn’t even understand what she was saying when she spiraled into one, he could barely imagine being in Zorua’s shoes, and actually having to pay attention to her babbling. Granted, he was also fairly certain that the Chandelure wasn’t Ns biggest fan, and her hovering behind the man to glare at him probably wasn’t going to help any Zorua any.

Hearing one side of a conversation was a bit awkward, and he tried to keep up with what was happening, but he could barely guess at what the fox’s opinion of the mater actually was. He was pathetic for a Pokemon trainer. The only Pokemon he could understand, to the extent that a normal person could, was Lulu. Anything else and he might as well been trying to talk to a brick wall. He was awful with Pokemon. He knew that. Sure, he’d been great with them as a kid, but that went down hill fast. Heck, he’d even had a reputation as the local Pokemon freak as a child due to how early on he had befriended Lulu. Apparently that talent ended with her, too.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care, or didn’t try to understand the others. He really did try, and it at least earned him the respect of the other three of his little group of misfits. He really wasn’t suited to be a trainer. He was too passive and his inability to form a real bond with the creatures didn’t help. He would never blame the creatures for hating him. He’d try to help them regardless of how they felt about him He really didn’t have a backup plan. Probably should have come up with one before packing up and starting on some crazy adventure that didn’t mean anything to him now. Maybe if he’d been a better trainer, he wouldn’t be stuck walking on pins and needles to try to avoid upsetting the Zorua, but he had never been the ‘what if’ type. Poor Pokemon would probably be better off with any other human on the face of the planet.

He had spaced out, losing track of the conversation after failing to guess at what the Pokemon was feeling, until Lulu grunted in his ear. Jumping slightly in surprise, he glanced over to the angry Pokemon, apparently having missed whatever it was that had upset her. She let off a few angry chimes aimed at N. He knew her well enough to have a vague understanding of the fact that she had just threatened the man. The creature then turning to face the boy, gesturing at him for a few short moments until he was caught up on what he had missed. Oh. He really didn’t mind getting called out. He knew he was awful with Pokemon. Poor Lulu just felt the need to defend him.

“That’s fine,” He responded to N before returning his attention to the angry Pokemon beside him, rubbing the sides of her face…if her strange body could be called that, to calm her down. Huffing, she floated down to rest in Touya’s lap, keeping an eye on N to see if he tried anything funny, or tried to lie about what the Pokemon was saying. “S-sorry…” She glared at him when he apologized for her, but he ignored it, petting her instead. He didn’t much care for confrontation, and he certainly didn’t want any here.

“I-I’m sure this is more my fault…I’m not good with Pokemon…” He admitted. It was probably that kind of attitude that had made Lulu so protective in the first place, and probably the reason why none of them bothered to listen him. Problem number two of the current situation, Touya was awful at stating his opinion or desires. He tended to just go with whatever the other wanted, but he didn’t want to keep his mouth shut. Lulu would take his place if he did, and she wasn’t exactly the nicest creature when she become angry.

“Um….” This was going swimmingly. Poor Lulu was about to roll over where she sat. “I guess…” He was trying not to offend the Pokemon. “I just really don’t want him to hurt others.” He didn’t care if the Pokemon hurt him, but he cared when the fox Pokemon harassed the other Pokemon in his care, or the people that lived nearby. He wasn’t really good at this. “I-I mean…” Just when he was starting to have an easier time speaking, too. “Or play cruel tricks on them.” That was fine, right? He had to look down at Lulu for the Pokemon to reassure him.

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⊰║ Trevor figured his plans would have to wait, he was set on
         taking the stranger to their destination. Doing a good deed
         was always on his schedule. It was nice to take a break
         and take things slow. Sometimes he would forget that he
         didn’t need to rush things. It could be tiring, planning
         everyday and then carrying out each step. Even though
         socializing really wasn’t his thing, he was glad that he was
         trying this time. Perhaps the next thing on his to-do list
         could be improving his communicating skills. Actually,
         he was better at talking with others since he befriended
         Tierno, Shauna, Serena and Calem.

       All is well. I do not mind, I once had trouble with one of
         my Pokemon.
Trevor smiled, for it wasn’t a lie. Aerodactyl
         was such a troublemaker when they first met! Tyrantrum
         was a living nightmare when he was a small Tyrunt, luckily
         that was over with. He was glad that the other Pokemon in
         his team were easier to handle. Most of the time it was easy
         to have order with his team, but of course even they had
         their days. Life would be so much more easier if he could
         actually talk to his Pokemon, but that was not possible.

         He was glad that the stranger accepted his help, it probably
         wasn’t so easy to do that! The Pokemon certainly seemed
         happy, which was pretty nice. They must have been hungry
         from walking and well, they were trying to get to a restaurant.
         Once he took them there, all would be well and his Pokemon
         would be all happy~! … Seeing the Pokemon wasn’t the only
         reason he decided to help! Well, it was a big part of the
It is settled then, I will take you there.When he heard
         that they had a map, a part of him wanted to laugh. Even with
         a map, they managed to get lost? Trevor was not one to be
         rude, so he kept the laugh to himself.
Not everyone is
         good with maps. Luckily, I’m here to help.
The other
         seemed to have a small stutter. Well, he didn’t mind, much.


         Oh, you may call me Trevor. May I ask for your name?❞ ║⊱ 

Well, the little monstrosity wasn’t exactly his, but trying to explain that always made for a longer conversation than Touya was willing to carry out. He had to take care of the fox Pokemon anyway, thus he supposed the way that the creature acted was entirely his problem. The Pokemon was getting better, but it didn’t mean that the creature didn’t give Touya constant headaches with his behavior problems when they did come to light. He just hoped the Zorua would leave this poor stranger be.

“He’s just a bit…energetic,” He stated with a smile, attempting to make a light joke at the expense of the Pokemon in his arms, though it might not have come off in the manner that he had intended it to. He head never really been good at making jokes. He wasn’t really funny, heck, he barely laughed at the jokes others told. He probably shouldn’t have even tried to lighten the mood a bit, but what was done was done, and he couldn’t just take the words back now. Instead, he tried to keep a kind smile on his features, not wanting it turn into something awkward, as he happened to be quite good at that.

“T-thank you,” He replied quickly to the others offer, as if he was afraid the other would take it back in a moment’s notice. He didn’t want to keep walking around aimlessly with an empty stomach and a tired Pokemon that would complain if he tried to make the small fox walk again. Not that he blamed the Zorua for getting tired. They had been walking far longer than Touya was willing to admit, and he was fairly certain Zorua had lost all hope at getting food long ago.

He laughed slightly at the comment. Not good was an understatement when it came to how bad Touya was with directions. He knew certain areas well, but outside of that he was completely hopeless, and the poor Zorua in his arms could easily agree with that now that he had been on this trip with the boy. “I-I’m glad.” Wait, that sounded weird. He didn’t mean it in a weird way. Man, why was he so bad at talking to people. “I-I mean for your help. I-I think his poor paws can’t feel anything anymore.” He would have to buy the other something when they got to their destination, as a thank you for for leading the way.

“Touya, it’s nice to meet you.” The small Pokemon in his arms let out a loud yip when the boy failed to introduce him. “A-and this is Zorua.” The fox nodded his head in approval, satisfied with the fact that the other was now aware of who he was. After all, he was clearly he most important being around currently. Not that he wasn’t always the most important. The Pokemon did think highly of himself, and enjoyed being the center of attention.

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» Trapped in Yesterday~(N and Touya)


Assuming was usually not the best thing, but under the circumstances, not only was it the only thing Touya could do, but his assumptions were correct. Kind of. “He’s not being so bad. He had just about the same reaction everyone does.” It’s not every day you run into someone with a single letter name. Or green hair. Or that could talk to Pokémon. It was strange when someone didn’t react.


“Seems you got a lot more than you bargained for,” he laughed. Zoura seemed to snicker too, proud of the trouble he was causing. Of course it was. The Zoura seemed fairly young, no more than a child playing games and throwing tantrums, most likely. It wasn’t as though it was doing anything particularly dangerous, just rough games and tricks. Touya wouldn’t be a very good dad, from the way he described his predicament.

It was odd to see a Zoura around the earlier number routes, especially since they were extremely rare even where they did normally live. There were only a few reasons that a Pokémon like this would show up where he did Some trainers breed for a certain type of Pokémon, stronger, mutated with an altered color (dubbed ‘shiny’ Pokémon), releasing anything that didn’t fit the criteria. If that was the case though, there would be a bundle of them. There was no other reason to release a Zoura, they were pretty sought after. A family could have been moving and it just got separated. His guardian could have been captured by a trainer.

Six whole months of bad habits to break.

“Did you ever try finding a parent?” Probably not, it wouldn’t have been a fruitful expedition anyways. Zoroarks were trickier to find than their youth. It would have been very simple for one to collect the fox, while it was in town or even at the sanctuary. If a mother was looking for it, they would have found him a long time ago.

The idea of Touya trying to talk to him was an amusing one. Probably a futile and stressful game of charades ensued, be it with the Zoura himself of his Chandelure. Whenever N thought of a Pokémon trying to communicate with a human, it only solidified the thought that Pokémon and people were actually meant to partner up. Why would a creature attempts to make contact with something if they didn’t think it would help them?

His thoughts were broken by the Lilipup, gladly going over to his caretaker when motioned for, though it was clearly meant for the man-of-honor of this little ‘meeting’. He certainly looks like the main attraction, sticking his nose in the air, too good to be bothered with Touya’s callings.

“Maybe he’ll listen to you?”

That seemed like a pretty good cue to start talking. Or do something. He rose from his seat (but not before giving the puppy a quick scruff on the neck), kneeling down on the floor in front of the Zoura, reaching out a hand to pet the tuff of red fur on top of his head, only to be bit the second he reached out for him. N knew it was probably going to happen; it was usually the first thing any Pokémon did when someone approached it that they weren’t really up for company. Unless they were based on special attack, then they’d shock, burn, blast or bash you with whatever they had.

”Now you can’t say you don’t like getting pet,” N insisted, hand still clamped in the Zoura’s mouth. Most people pulled back immediately, but it really wasn’t anything new to N. His hands were covered in nips on a nearly daily basis; the most any smaller Pokémon got out of him was a flinch. Zoura didn’t say anything, but how could he with a hand in his jaw.

He turned when he heard Touya talking, and judging by the slight shake the Pokémon made at his hand, he didn’t exactly like being ignored. N gave Touya a reassuring smile, both about the food and the fact he was being ‘eaten’, “No, I’m alright, but he seems hungry.”

Considering the joke, the Zoura figured out his bite was doing nothing, letting go of the hand was a uninterested huff. N continued with his initial plan, gingerly ruffling the colored tuff on the top of the vixen’s head. It tried not to make any sort of indication he was enjoying it, but a wag of its tail declared otherwise.

“Now just what kind of trouble was he getting into?” he asked, noticing the smirk growing on the Pokémon’s face.

“Ah…well…” He laughed awkwardly. He couldn’t really blame Zorua this time. When one of the grunts had told him N’s name, he hadn’t believe the poor guy and had mocked him. Not that this was something he had ever shared with anyone other than Lulu, who had burst out into laughter the moment they found there actually was a guy in Team Plasma named N. It wasn’t one of his finer moments in life. Not that he had many of those to begin with, but he would rather no relive that one. He would just keep that fact to himself and Lulu, assuming she decided to not to rat him out one of these years.

He glared at the Pokemon when he snickered. The boy wasn’t really a patient person, at least when it came to Pokemon, and it certainly wasn’t helping their current situation, or his relationship with the little fox Pokemon. It didn’t help that he also happened to be extremely passive most of the time, thus resulting in the Zorua generally getting away with his little pranks and not taking his caretaker seriously. After all, what could someone like Touya even do to him? Not much.

“I got a lot more than I bargained for…” He admitted. When his mother had told him of the locals complaining about a young Pokemon harassing them, he had assumed it would have been something a bit more common and harmless. Needless to say that when he ended up with the Zorua, well, he had been way over his head. He’d seen the Pokemon before, but he had never actually had one in his care and didn’t know much about them, which ended up giving the fox Pokemon the upper hand most of the time.

He glanced downwards at the question. “We tried, but we didn’t find anything.” Lulu mimicked her trainer’s expression. “Lulu spoke to him briefly about it…He said he had a trainer, when I first got him.” The Pokemon in question turned his head up at the words, ignoring them completely. “But…when we went to the house he gave Lulu, they said they never had a Zorua. I tried putting up posters, but we never heard anything…” He didn’t really like to bring it up, as the Zorua tended to get upset when he did, but it was for the Pokemon’s own good. Or, at least, the sake of those that the creature harassed daily.

He also had no real idea if they had even gone to the right house. The fox Pokemon had just described one to Lulu, who then lead poor Touya on a blind quest to find something that he hadn’t a single clue as to what they had been looking for. But he trusted Lulu and he had always assumed it had been the correct one, as Zorua had been happy when they had found it. He had offered to go back and ask again, but when he tried the Pokemon got upset with him and Lulu said he has changed his story to being a wild Pokemon. Touya could barely keep up with it. He had never been really close to Pokemon and that didn’t help him when it came to keeping up with conversations he could never hope to understand.

Touya visibly flinched when N reached out for the Pokemon, expecting what came next. “H-hey.” That was hardly even remotely intimidating. No wonder the creature didn’t mind the boy one bit. He went to make his way over to dislodge the Pokemon from his lost hope for getting the Pokemon to listen, but he tripped over the poor Lillipup on his way over. Nearly falling into the table in the process. Well, he would have, but Lulu had caught him before he had the chance to smack his head against it. The ghost Pokemon sending a glare at the fox for the trouble he was causing.

By the time he had manged to get his barrings back, N had looked over to offer the boy a reassuring smile. “R-right.” Lulu gently pushed the boy back onto his feet. With all of the fuse, he hadn’t fed the group yet. He had been too busy trying to locate the Pokemon the Zorua had played his little tricks on. That wasn’t a reason to bite a guest, though. “S-sorry he bit you…” It wasn’t really his fault, but the Pokemon was in his care and, therefore, it was his job to take responsibility for the animal. “He just…” is a bully, but he would keep that part to himself.

He carefully stepped around the poor puppy Pokemon to head into the small kitchen, digging through baskets until he was able to pour their food into their dishes. Handing over two to Lulu before setting down the Pidove’s plate before it and making his back over to the Lillipup to place her dish before, rubbing her head gently as an apology for tripping over the poor creature. The remaining two were handed to their owners by Lulu, as she didn’t trust Touya to carry all four at once. Not that anyone would blame her for that.

His attention shifted back to N, as he stood up to give the puppy Pokemon room to eat, thinking over the question that had been asked. “He like to play pranks on people and Pokemon, mostly, and he doesn’t listen at all…but I’m not trainer, so it’s not like he has to…but he bullies the others, too, and bites people.” Yeah, a lot of trouble.

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» I’ve Had Worse Days ~(Touya&Crayla)


Crayla gasped as he answered her without any hesitation. He was very straightforward and honest, something that the girl appreciated. “A Pokemon sanctuary? How wonderful~!” She smiled wide and giggled a little. It had been a while since she had been in any sort of haven for Pokemon and it brought pleasant memories back to her. Of when she volunteered at the Pokemon and Breeder Sanctuary in her home region of Johto. Standing in her own bliss for a couple moments the touch of her Gengar’s ghostly hand brought her back to reality. “Oh..right..” Her face covered with blush as she looked back over to the other who himself was reassuring his Pokemon. He seemed like a kind lad, though troubled to be all the way out here on his own..

She must have seemed like something from outer space the way she just stood there and stared, then got embarrassed and hobbled in her spot. As the trainer did this her Pokemon seemed to take upon himself the duty of properly apologizing. So he slid in front of his trainer and bowed. “Gengar gar.” The smile that usually held a Gengars’ face was no where to be seen, instead it was a large frown. If he had heeded his trainers words maybe he would not have caused the boy to injure himself so recklessly. Hearting this apology snapped the girl once again back into the real world. “Oh Ginngy..” She sighed and patted the Pokemon on his head, reassuring him things were alright. “Thank you.” She said to him them turned back to the other before them. 

She bowed herself next, “My name is Crayla. I am a Pokemon photographer and a Pokemon trainer. I am pleased as punch to meet you.” When she straightened back out she had a small friendly smile on her face. Ginngy returned to her side and held her hand, staring directly at the others and the small Pokemon a top the hill. “I apologize for being straightforward but.. may I meet the Pokemon you care for?” She picked up the camera that dangled around her neck and lifted it a little. “If its alright… I’d love to photograph them.” Her discolored eyes trailed up to the bunch still cowering on the hill and smiled to them, they looked adorable.. and like a handful. Her thoughts caused her to giggle and step forward, hoping the Chandelure would sense her harmlessness and let her approach. 

"I-if thats okay with you.." Her voice was low, and she seemed to be talking directly to the boy’s ghost companion. Of course she would need the permission of the lad, but it seemed the Pokemon was the real caretaker here. Crayla quickly picked up on the Pokemon’s vibes as soon as the first warning chimes went off, just by her body language the trainer knew she was the one who really took care of things. As they stood there, clouds rolled over head causing the girl to get distracted again, "I never heard anything of rain today…hn." A frown erased the smile she had as the clouds continued tumbling over. 

“Y-yeah.” That was awkward. He blinked a few times, confusion toying in his eyes at her response. That was an odd reaction to the news. Well, maybe not odd, but it was that way in his mind, but someone that claimed he disliked Pokemon would hardly have a natural reaction to the creatures. At least she seemed friendly enough. He wasn’t the best at dealing with people and tended to prefer to avoid fights, so he supposed her nature was for the better in the given situation. Not that he was unable to battle. Lulu still packed a powerful punch, but they’d both been retired for the better part of the past two years. There was the rare battle when wild Pokemon needed to be chased off, but that was about it.

Touya eyed the Pokemon as he slid before his trainer. A sympathetic gaze came across his features, as the Pokemon appeared to be attempting to apologize for his previous actions, but that was about the extent of his reaction to it. To be frank, he could handle wild Pokemon, but a stranger’s Pokemon was another mater, but it wasn’t as if he blamed the Pokemon for his stupid reaction. He could have easily just sent Lulu to chase off the offender rather than trying to do so himself. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been aware of how dumb that had been.

Lulu tipped slightly in response to the apology for her trainer, a few chimes following as she made a gesture with her arms, as Touya called them. He could guess what she was saying. It was easy enough for him to understand what Lulu wanted to get across, as he’d spent almost every moment of his life with her. She was simply trying to reassure the other ghost Pokemon that he hadn’t really done anything too awful, but also warned him to be careful around the weaker Pokemon, as they were easily frightened. She did tend to lecture others. Touya had learned that early on.

“I-It’s nice to meet you,” He responded quickly. It was probably awkward and he tripped over the words. He didn’t want to be rude to the woman, but this wasn’t exactly something he was good at. Heck, Pokemon could barely deal with him. People probably ran the other direction when they say him coming. No point in holding a conversation with the hermit that lives in the forest, right? “My name is Touya.”

At the question, he glanced back to the group, glaring down the Zorua would likely already had too many ideas going through his little head, before quickly turning back to the girl. He didn’t trust the fox Pokemon, but the others would behave well enough, if they understood she meant no harm to them. He rubbed the back of his head. “That’s fine…just be careful around Zorua…he…uh, like to play tricks on people.” And bite them, but he hoped she wouldn’t get close to him to give him the chance.

He offered Lulu a reassuring glance before turning to the group to call them over. It was mostly that she happened to be overprotective of her trainer and, thus, was overprotective of everything in his care. He didn’t want her to get too jumpy around the other ghost Pokemon. But when he went to call them over, clouds started to roll overhead and the first few drops of a storm gently tapped against his skin. A light sigh falling from his lips. And before he even had the chance to open his mouth, it started to pour.

He waved Lulu towards the small house, the smaller Pokemon not far behind her. “I didn’t think it was supposed to rain…” He stated under his breath, feeling a bit guilty that everyone had gotten caught up in it. “Ah, hurry this way.” He waved for the girl to follow him, as he made his way back towards the house. There wasn’t really anywhere else to go to get out of it in this area.

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"It is a lot of work but I enjoy it. You can find out a lot of things by studing the stones and if it isn’t for stones some pokemon can’t evolve." Steven explained. "So it makes for a very interesting line of work, though I treat it more as a hobby than a job." He chuckled a bit as he worked his way through the cave in.

He wondered how old the kid was who was helping him and what he likes to do. He always just had this thing for being curious about how those younger than him are going to take life and what they’d do with it.

"Oh it can still get boring sometimes, I assure you!" Steven laughed as he smiled. "You can go days without finding anything interesting and it can feel like a lost cause, the same dirt for hours on end, but when you finally find something it feels worth it to me."

"It’s nice to meet you too." He replied back to be polite before deciding to ask his question. "So what do you want to do Touya?" He asked. "My thing is to collect rare stones, it’s my passion. Do you have something you want to make your passion?"

He couldn’t even imagine how much work searching for stones was. This something he considered to be hard work. Doing it all of the time? That seemed like more work than he had done in his entire life. Granted, the boy struggled with his health and had always had a weak body, so he supposed this line of work really wasn’t meant for someone line him. But he could admire the amount of effort the other put into his hobby.

“This is a lot of work to me,” He laughed slightly, his pathetic attempts to aid the man probably weren’t offering him much help, but he was trying. At least the light Lulu provided made it easy for him to see what he was doing; the Pokemon hoovering over his shoulders to make sure he didn’t screw up big time. “It must be hard…” But it seemed like a rewarding thing to do. At least Touya’s ability to socialize wasn’t too awful. Granted, it was probably thanks to the wall.

“I guess that makes it more interesting.” He let a smile gross his lips at the words. He was the type to get discouraged easily, but the other seemed so confident even when he mentioned that sometimes you could days without finding a single thing. He probably would have given up after a few days of not finding anything. Then again, it must have been nice to have something to be passionate about.

“Huh?” He blinked a few times in his confusion that followed the question. He hadn’t expected to be asked something like that and it took him a moment to collect his thoughts. It wasn’t something he could really answer. He didn’t have a passion anymore and he hardly knew what he wanted to do with is life now. He just wasted time away taking care of creatures he claimed to hate. He wouldn’t deny that his existence was pathetic.

His grip on the pick axe tightened, his knuckles slowly turning a paler shade. At one point in his life, he had it all figured out, but he’d been nothing but a failure. Joining Team Plasma, fighting his friends, betraying Team Plasma, and giving the stone to summon Reshiram to someone he deemed worthy of the title that would follow. His life hadn’t really worked itself out. He’d released all of his former Pokemon, save for Lulu.

“Um….I don’t really have anything like that…” It was a bit awkward to respond the question with such a statement.


⊰║ The stranger didn’t seem to be dangerous, but one could never
         be too sure. He held his guard up and observed the other’s
         actions. If he did something suspicious, Trevor would run.
         For now, he’d give them a chance to explain their Pokemon’s 
         actions, if there was a reason. In any case, the stranger
         shyer than he was. His Pokemon on the other hand…
         Not so much. An energetic one…? Might be. 

         When the Pokemon called out, Trevor smiled at it. A rather
         cute-looking one. He considered speaking up, but then
         stranger apologized, for some reason. This was a strange
         situation for him. The boy blinked and looked at the other.
Oh, not a problem. I do not mind. He tried to sound as
         friendly as possible. Thankfully, it was easier for him to talk
         to others now. A part of him wished that someone else was
         here to help him out a bit. How frustrating. 

         Oh,  so they were lost! It was common for people to get lost,
         so he didn’t mind. Trevor was good at knowing where things
         are and how to get to places. He was familiar with the
         restaurant from the brochure. The problem was… that he was
         terrible at giving directions. Since they got lost, it might be a
         good idea to take them instead of telling them.  If things weren’t
         so… Awkward. 


         I could take you there. It’s quite a walk from here.He
         smiled shyly at the stranger. That just might make things more
         awkward, but at least he was trying. What he would give to be
         better at socializing. Trevor was afraid to make the stranger 
         uncomfortable, because that was not pleasant at all! Due to his
         height, it was hard to be intimidating, but there was a chance…?
         No, there must have been another reason. Yet again, he may
         have been over thinking things. Still, he couldn’t help but be
         concerned. The atmosphere was rather heavy for him. 

         Oh, I could draw you a map… My direction giving skills are
         terrible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

He was thankful that Zorua’s bad behavior hadn’t drove away their only chance to get themselves anywhere. He was a naturally quiet person, so he found the Pokemon’s nature a bit difficult to handle at times, but the fact that the fox enjoyed harassing him didn’t help matters at all. He didn’t want the Zorua to add another victim to his growing list of people he had played a prank on, thus he kept his hold on the Pokemon tighter than likely needed. Not enough to actually injure the creature, though. He was far too weak to manage something like that.

“He’s friendly…he’s just…hyper.” He tried to make the conversation a bit less awkward, but his nature wasn’t helping matters. That, and he didn’t want the other to think that Zorua was going to attack him or anything. He wasn’t mean, well he did bully weaker Pokemon, but he was mostly just a royal pain to handle. One day, the trainer was going to improve his ability to handle social situations. Today was just not that day.

A walk, huh? Just how lost had he managed to get them. He knew he wasn’t good at following directions. He wouldn’t have gotten his way through Unova without Lulu directing him, and she was almost as bad as he was. But he didn’t mind a long walk. With how much he argued with the Zorua and how often they fought one another; he owed the Pokemon a nice meal when they went a few days without an argument.

He offered the other a smile. “T-that would be great.” Zorua let out a thankful cry, nearly cutting off Touya as he spoke. The Pokemon’s tail wagging wildly, as he looked back at the boy as if he had seen Arceus appear before them. Poor creature was starving. He hadn’t eaten a thing all day, so he could a large meal.

“It’s all right.” He had a map. He just sucked at following it. “T-to be honest…I actually have a map.” He rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. “I-I’m just terrible with directions….” He laughed slightly, keeping a gentle smile to try avoid making the situation awkward. He was trying, he really was.

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