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» One Step Behind~(May & Touya)


     A young girl had just been walking by when Touya began shouting at the house. Her head perking up to look at the young male who seemed to be frustrated by something. Confusion showed on her face as he goes to enter the abandoned building. Feeling a bit concerned -and curious- she goes to follow the young male. Though of course she was going to make herself known, after all it would be rude other wise.

     As soon as the young male was about to enter the building she spoke up. “What are you looking for at this time of night?”


     Not that she was any position to ask such a thing as her own only source of light as a minun perched on her shoulder. It’s body producing quite a bit of light that definitely lit up her surroundings enough to see. So it definitely would catch quite a bit of attention at this time of night. Of course when she caught the guys attention her gaze turned to his scratched up hand. Remembering how he was shouting Purrloin.

     Visibly wincing when she saw the nasty scratch on his hand that was definitely not being cared for. It didn’t seem like he was even going to take the time to care for it. Which made her wonder what was so important that he got himself scratched up and wasn’t even going to care for it. Especially if it means going into an obviously abandoned and possibly dangerous builsing.

His heart nearly leapt out of his mouth when he heard someone’s voice behind. The sudden sound startling him, and forcing him to take a breath for he turned to look at the girl that had spoken to him. He could walk into a house that may or may not be haunted, but he couldn’t handle interaction with another human being without getting nervous. He really was a lost cause, even now.

Lulu eyed the small Pokemon perched on the stranger’s shoulder. A low chime falling from her mouth in an attempt to greet the other Pokemon. Granted, she likely looked a bit eerie in the current lighting, though that had not been the ghost’s attempt. Now that she thought about it, her and her master probably looked a bit strange walking into an aged house that most tried to avoid. The one thing Touya had a incredible tolerance for happened to be anything creepy.

“Um…” Yeah, this probably looked a bit on the strange side, and the boy’s inability to hold a decent conversation wasn’t helping them at the moment. “I-I’m looking for a Pokemon that got lost here…” At least that was better than normal. “It’s a P-Purrloin. I-It was frightened and ran into the building…” He admitted, attempting to clear any thoughts she had that he was trying to break into the house. Not that there was really anything in there to steal, or at least he doubted there was anything of any value in there.

The injury to his hand didn’t cross his mind, and his eyes showed concern when she winced at something. It was rather normal for him to leave things untreated, as he never saw much if a point in treating his own injuries. If someone else had the same wound to their hand that he did, well, he would probably try to rush them to the hospital out of concern. He was strange that way.

“S-sorry for worrying you.” He wasn’t sure if the girl had come over because she was actually concerned, or simply because she happened to see him. Either way, he was wasting her time, and he felt bad for it. He didn’t want to cause a stranger any trouble.

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» Trapped in Yesterday~(N and Touya)


N cringed at the question, trying to think of the nicest way to phrase the insult. The best way: to not say it at all: “He….. basically just…… insulted everyone here…….. most specifically…… you,” he translated, as loosely as he could. Sure, the Chandelure heard him exactly, and if she wanted her trainer to know exactly what was going on, she could by all means. N himself would rather ignore the entire thing: the more you acknowledged it, the more the behavior continued. It also didn’t help that all the boy did to try and quell its mischief was give him a low-toned request to stop.

By that logic, he really shouldn’t have stuck his hand under the bed in the first place. A) It created a sort of game for the Pokémon, and B) Zoura did already bite him, and the smart assumption was that it would gladly bite again. Hindsight wasn’t really the most complimentary thing to one’s self esteem. Self proclaimed Pokémon expert, he criticized himself with a sigh.

Touya was about to warn him, too, which probably made him take more blame that he should. In reality, it wasn’t his fault at all, so why was he so upset? Because the Zoura was technically his responsibility? It was wild; ergo it would bite, steal and just do generally nasty things whenever he wanted to. The Luring Pokémon certainly had enough of the whole thing, cursing the fox much worse than N had before floating off, probably completely done with the entire situation. Her owner wasn’t doing his job, his ‘friend’ couldn’t do it either, and the vixen was being just as irritating as before. In her mind, it might have just gotten worse.


“Touya, I’m fine, really,” he attempted to reassure, but the young man already in the kitchen, going through a self under the sink for something. A spray bottle, hopefully, he thought, glaring at the bed in hopes that the Zoura would poke its head out at least once to see. He didn’t; understandably, more than half the house wanted him dead at the moment. N didn’t, in all honestly, no matter what any Pokémon did, he wouldn’t have the thought to kill it, and the thought for sure Touya thought the same. That other Pokémon, however, if given the chance and the strength, would most likely force the brat from the house in an effort to make it starve to death or to be mauled.

If he had any doubts as to who was the leader of the household, they would have been reassured the second the Ghost type wandered after her trainer. Chandelure took a bowl off of the hands of her trainer without so much as a word. Maybe he dropped some in the past? N didn’t doubt it, with all of the critters running around, tripping was inevitable.

Touya returned, sitting on the ground with a newly retrieved medical kit. N chanced a glace at his hand before trying to protest again. Zoura got him pretty good that time, blood trickling out of the holes and surrounding cuts from when he dragged his hand away. Not his worst, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant either. Looking at it made it worse, of course, turning one’s attention from anger to any wound would do that. A bit throbbing, though it would probably sting like hell when it was treated.

A stutter drew his attention back to Touya. He was smart enough to keep his hands away, and gave an attempted at reprimanding the bad behavior. It wasn’t much a, really, just a ‘demanded’ apology, one that the fox would defiantly brush off, perhaps apologizing to get something he wanted later. Even his own Pokémon seemed to find the scolding pitiful, giving off a sigh.


N attempted to quell the negative thoughts Touya seemed to be thinking, “No, it’s fine, really, it’s not your fault.” All blame was to the Zoura, which could be heard giggling ever so faintly from the corner of the bed.  “You shut up!” he commanded it, which earned him another bout of giggles. That thing was going to be a lot more trouble than either of them bargained for.

“If anything its mine,” he continued, taking the tone of a mother soothing a sniffling child, “I was the one stupid enough to stick my hand under the bed.” Zoura chimed in with a faint, “Stupid indeed,” but N paid it no mind. “Relax, alright? I’m fine.” No matter how many times he said it, N knew it was going to be treated like it was a broken leg, considering the entire med-kit. If it made Touya feel better, he supposed.

Touya couldn’t say that he was offended by learning that the Pokemon had just insulted him. On the other hand, he couldn’t speak for the Chandelure that was currently seething. Tempted to just roast the fox and be done with the entire ordeal he had created. That was the best solution she could come up with now, even if she was positive the two humans in the room wouldn’t appreciate the suggestion. She was going to have to stifle her urge to devour the fox in order to solve all of their problems. What a shame.

“It’s okay…” He really didn’t mind the fox insulting him. It happened all of the time. Granted, he never really knew what Zorua was saying unless Lulu explained it to him. It never really bothered him. “I can’t blame him.” Lulu was about to put her beloved trainer on the list of those that she currently wanted to roast (just about everyone else in the household was already on said list.) If he didn’t start being more strict with the Pokemon than they were fighting a losing battle. Not that N was doing much good in the Pokemon’s mind, but even if he got the Zorua to mind him, it didn’t mean that the annoying beast was going to listen to Touya.

N’s claims of being fine were completely lost on the boy, who had sprung to action without bothering to listen to the other. As habit would have it, he did have a tendency to react a bit too quickly in situations where he felt others were threatened by something. He was far more level-headed when it came to threats to himself. Which wasn’t too awful of a trait to hold, as he always put others before himself, but jumping to the assumption that the worst possible outcome had happened to N probably wasn’t. As far as Touya was concerned, they might have to rush the man to the hospital to make sure that the newly created wound wasn’t infected or anything drastic. These were the types of things poor Lulu had already wasted 19 years of her life dealing with.

His attempt to try to force the fox Pokemon to apologize had gone about as well as he had thought, but it was quickly pushed to the back of his mind. The Pokemon could get upset all it wanted for what Touya cared at the moment. Not that he was cruel, or that he hated the creature. He merely had deemed the wound to be more important than the Zorua’s attitude problem. He chose to ignore the snickering from underneath the bed. He could scold the Pokemon later, even if that just meant a slightly more threatening tone, which everyone in the room could tell you was probably the least intimidating tone in the world.

Touya quickly shook his head in protest at N’s attempts to reassure him. N could tell him it wasn’t his fault all he wanted, but the boy wasn’t about to place the blame on someone else, especially not N, who had taken time out of his life to try to tame the nasty little creature hiding under the bed. If he had been better at caring for Pokemon, he wouldn’t have needed the man’s help in the first place. Which meant, in Touya’s mind, that N had gotten hurt needlessly and for a meaningless reason. Of which, happened to be Touya’s fault.

The more he tried to put the blame on himself, the more ways Touya found to keep the blame on himself. He could have tried harder with the Pokemon. He could have been stricter, or harsher. He could have stood up to the Pokemon. He could have solved the problems on his own. Heck, he could have hung onto to being a Pokemon trainer. All of his problems would probably be over if he had made some effort to make up with his former partners.

Lulu chimes lightly, attempting to gain Touya’s attention, but her attempts were ignored and she only became more frustrated with the entire situation. A low hum aimed at the creature hiding under the bed, warning him to stay there if he had even a lick of sense. If she didn’t murder the creature by the end of the night, it was going to be a miracle. Right now, though, it seemed like everyone in the house needed a break from trying to sort out the problem that may have just gotten worse.

“N-no, it’s my fault…” His voice was hoarse, and he appeared to be struggling a bit. Hand balling into a fist against his leg as he tried to choke back the tears forming in his eyes. While the boy wasn’t normally an emotional person, he did become emotional rather quickly. And it was only a matter of time before the warm liquid began to fall down his features. This was hardly doing wonders for Lulu’s already intense urge to remove the fox from the household. “I-If I had trainer him better…or been harsher…or…” He could spend a day listing things that he had done wrong that had brought them to this moment in time, but he trailed off.

“I-I’m sorry,” He choked out the words before pressing his forehead into his hands in an attempt to collect himself. The blame game could wait until after he was sure N was all right. “I’m sorry…” He repeated the words before fumbling with the first aid kit to pry it open. He didn’t use it often, as he had a different one for Pokemon and he often left his own injuries to do what they pleased. “P-Please let me treat your hand.” He bit his lower lip and removed his head from his hands to try to appear more composed than he actually was.

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» One Step Behind~(Open)

A light sigh left slightly parted lips, as the boy leaned back onto his knees. A hand rubbing the back of his head while amber irises stared at the dark shadow cast onto the ground by the aged house. The bright flames burning from Lulu’s being keeping him from being completely unaware of what he was looking at, but offering him little aid on his mission other than a decent source of light.

If the trainer hadn’t spent the better part of his child in a less than ideal hospital, he might have found the abandoned home to be creepy. Instead he ignored the form of the building looming over him to shove himself back onto the unkept grounds of the yard outside of the house to strain his eyes into the hole that had been dug beneath its surface. A hint of frustration crossed his features, as he waved the hovering ghost Pokemon closer to him, attempting to gather enough light from her flames in the dimming light of dusk to see underneath.


The form of a shaking, purple feline finally entering into his range of vision. Fearful green eyes stared back at him through the darkness, a hiss rising in the Pokemon’s small body to try warn of the person that it saw as a threat. “It’s okay, we’re not going to hurt you,” He tried to reassure the feline, but the Purrloin hardly seemed to approve of the words. Clearly his attempts to sweet talk the Pokemon out of its hiding place weren’t doing him any favors. When he had agreed to retrieve the Pokemon for the elderly man that had come to him, he had assumed that the task would be simple. It belonged to someone, so he had assumed it would be used to humans. Apparently, he had been wrong.

Deciding that his actions were useless, he shifted to allow his hands to reach out towards the Pokemon. That…was dumb. The feline let out a loud shriek of surprise. A clawed paw reaching out to tear apart his hand before headbutting the trainer out of its hiding spot and fleeing from the safety of the hole right into the cracked window of the aged home. A miss of pain left Touya’s mouth, pressing his arms against his forehead as the stringing sensation in his hand and the throbbing of his head battled with one another. A concerned mummer of chimes fell from Lulu’s mouth, as she poked at the boy.

“I’m fine…” He breathed through gritted teeth, waving the Pokemon away with his good hand before removing his injured one from his head to inspect the damage. The feline had certainly done a number, but the boy brushed it off after the initial pain. He could deal with it when he had time. Right now, though, he had more than a scratched up hand to worry about. He had promised the man that he would bring the Pokemon back to him. And now he had gone and lost in a rather awful looking house. Who knew what Pokemon had made the house their home since it had been abandoned? A pet had no chance against wild Pokemon.

His eyes wandered over the beaten and torn exterior of the home, barely even able to imagine what the inside looked like. “We have to find it before something else does, Lulu…” He didn’t sound so enthusiastic. He didn’t mind the house, really, but it was massive and the amount of Pokemon that likely lived within were what bothered him. With a sigh, he heaved himself off of the ground, brushing off his pants and walking the short distance to the front door, eying the three steps leading up to it with a distrustful gaze.

“Purrloin!” He called out. He must have looked like a fool to anyone walking by; shouting at an old house. Just as he had expected, the Pokemon didn’t return his call. “Of course not…” He set one foot on the first step, testing it out before putting his full weight upon it. It protested the action with a creak, but didn’t cave in on him. He knocked on the front door out of habit, waving his hand for Lulu to follow close behind him as he opened it.

» Trapped in Yesterday~(N and Touya)


N defiantly expected a scolding from the Chandelure, so he didn’t react too much when she started huffing about what he’d just said. Quiet honestly, he tuned the majority of it out, only paying enough attention to catch the ‘if you keep this up you won’t have much a soul left’ thing (which was probably just a paranoid interpretation of what the Pokémon said, but after chancing a glance at it, the threat seemed to be exactly what she was saying.) She was biased anyways, a lot of Pokémon stood up for the trainers they loved, even if they didn’t deserve any sort of love at all. Not that Touya didn’t, no; in fact Chandelure had every right to scold him. After all, Touya was a decent enough trainer to hold the sanctuary for Pokémon, so he obviously wasn’t all bad.

 He shook his head at the apology, “No, it’s fine. She’s in the right.”

If you stopped saying you were so bad with Pokémon, they wouldn’t think it as much, his mind chimed in, but he kept quiet, half out of respect for Touya, and half out of the fear of being burned alive where he sat. One of the best ways to earn the trust and obedience of a Pokémon was confidence; which he seemed to lack considerably. Perhaps if the Zoura issue could be worked out, he would feel better about his handling skills? Whether it was the case or not, the fix issue was going to be dealt with.

Touya’s ‘demands’ (if you could call them that), where probably the most reasonable things he could have said. “That’s not asking too much, is it?” he entertained with the Zoura, who only shrugged a response. “Alright, now in exchange, what would you ask in return?”

He almost immediately regretted the question, the fox having a glint of mischief in his eyes.

The fox Pokémon started to ramble on the most impossible list or terms and conditions that it could think of, starting out ok, but quickly spiraling into a monarchs list of rules for a peasant. From ridiculous quantities of food to completely unreasonable amount of space in the home, the list gave off the impression that the vixen was thinking up the list even before N suggested a negotiation.

After about a minute of this, the Pokémon decided he’d said enough, giving an expectant nod as though N would actually repeat it. His mind gave a huff, So much for smooth sailing. N was warned about this.


“Are you done being funny?” he mumbled monotonously, eyes narrowing at the small pup. It gave a small giggle, shaking its head no. “You know, the more serious you take this, the faster it will go, and the faster you’ll be able to go on your way?”

Zoura jumped up defensively at that, giving his fur a toss, “Why would I want to do that? I’m feed, kept warm and can do almost anything I want here. It’s muuuuuuuch better than being out in the woods!” At the word ‘almost’ he shot a glare at the Pokémon resting on Touya’s laugh, face full of scorn. “Not to mention everyone else is super weak, so I get to be in charge of them. It’s really fun!”

Now that he said it, N realized he had nothing to entice the Pokémon with to make him obey Touya at the moment. The only thing that would change its mind would probably be the thought of being left somewhere, far enough away that he couldn’t find his way back or terrorize a town again. The man couldn’t say that, not with the Pokémon’s issue of abandonment already, and even if he did have the mind to say it, the thought of Touya actively carrying that out was almost too ridiculous to picture.

Apparently his thought process was talking too long for the subject of this whole debacle. It curled up as though to sleep, resting his head on his paws and looking up expectantly at the green haired man, as though daring him to try again.

“Listen, literally all he wants you to do is not be a jerk to the other Pokémon. It would be the decent thing to do anyways, but since you’re obviously uninterested in decency, you may actually get something you want,” he explained, “but if you don’t cooperate, you’re going to start facing punishment.” Bluffing.

Bluff called. It gave off a hearty snicker at the prospect of punishment. Decidedly done with the conversation, it rose with a nonchalant yawn, jumping up from its curled position and making his way off the bed in favor of hiding under it.


Well that didn’t go as planned. Beginning to get frustrated, he knelt down even more in attempt to locate the Pokémon under the bed, calling after it, “The more trouble you make, the more I’ll bother you.” N stuck his hand under the bed in an attempt to fish him out, since he couldn’t see much of anything under the piece of furniture. It didn’t end well. The Zoura found his hand first, giving it a much harder chomp than before, twisting it a bit for good measure. Upon reflex he tore his hand back with a mumble of almost obscene words.

“Well…uh…” he started, not really wanting to look over at Touya, “that didn’t work.”

Lulu huffed the moment she heard the words come out of the others mouth. Damn right she was right, at least as far as the Pokemon was concerned. Sure, she knew her trainer wasn’t perfect, but in her world, she was the only one allowed to nag him for his problems. And, therefore, this man had no right to object to her nagging. Honestly, she wasn’t spoiled by any means of the word, but she acted like she was the queen of the house. Truthfully, she probably had more authority in said house than her trainer, though. Facing facts, anyone in their right mind would be more intimidated by the Pokemon than by Touya. Touya probably couldn’t even frighten a rabbit, if we’re being honest here.

Of course, Lulu would have loved for her trainer to gain enough of a backbone to stick up for himself, but seeing as how that wasn’t happening any time soon, she did take it upon herself to do so for him. Touya had never been the most confident person in the world, granted, he used to be more assertive. At least when he had first started his adventure. It kind of went downhill from there, and now look at where they had ended up. With Touya being too afraid to voice his opinion to any Pokemon he came across. It probably came from the connection he had broken with is former Pokemon while in Team Plasma, thus leading him to be too fearful of earning the creatures’s hatred again that he just let them walk all over him. Frankly, though, he was the same way with people, too. Poor Lulu had her hands full when it came to trying to keep others from taking advantage of her trainer.

He blinked a few times when N started talking to the Pokemon, asking him what he wanted out of the deal. He hadn’t a single clue as to what the Pokemon was saying, but the fox Pokemon seemed to babble for quite some time. And with each second that passed he could feel Lulu’s flames grow hotter and brighter, which probably didn’t mean anything good. Helpless to really join in on the conversation everyone in the household could understand but him, he rubbed Lulu’s side, trying to keep her calm. He rally didn’t want her to cook N or the Zorua up for her evening snack. Muttering gentle words to the Pokemon that likely couldn’t be heard over the Zorua’s babbling. Probably something along the lines of, ‘Please don’t steal their souls, it’s not nice.’

The Pokemon had finished shortly after that, and from what N had said as a response, it hadn’t been the best list that the creature had rattled off. He wasn’t surprised, though, really. The Zorua never did take anything seriously, unless Lulu frightened him enough to make him listen, but it wasn’t like Touya let her try that. Not that she didn’t when her trainer wasn’t home.

He had hoped meeting the Pokemon halfway would have worked out better, but it seemed as if he had been wrong in that assumption. What did the Pokemon want anyway? Had is been so absurd that he couldn’t give into it anyway? Lulu glared at him, as if sensing her trainer’s eagerness to flee from the conflict. She almost missed the days when he had been Team Plasma. At least then he had been more assertive and willing to face his problems.


Touya tilted his head slightly when the Zorua shot a glare in their direction, flinching slightly, well, that probably wasn’t a good sign. Not knowing what was going on was a bit unnerving. Lulu, on the other hand, knew exactly what was being said, as well as not appreciating the fact that the lesser Pokemon had dared glare at her. And nearly lunged out of Touya’s lap to fry up a certain fox Pokemon. Actually, she would have, had Touya not grabbed her before she had the chance. Arms wrapped tightly around the ghost Pokemon. “Lulu, it’s okay, calm down.” At the rate they were going, someone was getting hurt tonight. “W-what did he s-say?” It was clearly much easier for him to talk to the Pokemon than to N, still slightly afraid of how much the man probably hated him.

He flinched slightly when N started speaking again. He sounded a bit more harsh than he had before. Maybe should say something? “Um….” The Pokemon laughed at the words. He should probably try to help N. “Zorua…please be nice to N…He just wants to help you…” Lulu almost rolled over in her grave. Had she not been a ghost, she would have. He was trying sure, but his voice was quiet and weak and not the least bit helpful to the current situation. He wasn’t even sure if the Pokemon had heard him, as he has leapt off of the bed without responding, deciding that hiding under it was better. Not that he expected the Pokemon to listen to him. The Zorua almost never did.

Just about everyone in the room seemed to be getting frustrated with the situation, and Touya couldn’t collect enough words to speak before N shoved his hands under the bed after the Pokemon. “Um…” Before he could warn the other, or try to tell Zorua to resist his urge to bit, it had already been too late. Jumping up when N tore his hand out, the reaction nearly causing poor Lulu to fly into N when her trainer got his feet. A mumble of angry words aimed at the Zorua coming from the Pokemon’s mouth, as she floated away from the green-haired man.

“Are you okay?” He was clearly concerned. “H-hold on, I-I’ll go get the first aid kit.” Even if N wanted to protest, Touya had already stumbled his way into the kitchen. He felt bad, really, all of this was his fault. Fishing it out from underneath the sink, he stopped to grab a bowl and pour water into it, afraid it could get infected. And made his way back into the room where Lulu hastily took the bowl away from her trainer, not trusting him to carry it.


He set the kit on the ground, next to where Lulu place the bowl. Looking underneath the bed from where he sat back down, but not trying to reach under it. “Z-Zorura, you should apologize.” Lulu sighed. He was hopeless. That was about he was willing to say to the Pokemon at the moment, attention turning back to N out of fear that the Pokemon had done more damage than it actually probably had. He didn’t care when he got hurt, but he tended to overreact when others did. “I-I’m sorry, I’m s-sorry.” He dipped his head down. Lulu sighed, the boy looked like he was going to cry.

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"Time is one thing I’ve learned to deal with. Sure sometimes things take a while but the reward to me is worth it so it doesn’t feel like a lot of time has been spent working." Steven admited. "It’s a small part of why I stepped down from being a …" He paused before thinking of a better way to phrase things without bragging about something he didn’t feel right to brag about. " … full time trainer." Yes that’d work as a replacement for what he could have said. "I’d get so lost in my digging I’d forget to get back to ‘business’ so not having that anymore does free up a lot of time for me." Yes that made sense. A save from saying something he didn’t quite want to.

"I’ll offer you right now, if you ever need help with finding what you want to do for your future go ahead and ask me." He just flat out openly told the child. "Sometimes people need a hand to get things going and figured out and I’d be happy to help you if you want it or need it." He said and chuckled a bit. "I’m sure an offer like that is quick to dismiss but please do think it over."

"Well if I’m honest my father has his own company where he devoleps technology for trainers." Steven started to tell him. "His company had made many different things to many specialized pokeballs for catching pokemon, medicines,and to his company’s most known for creation the PokeNav which can be used for as a map, keep contacts with other trainers, or even check on your pokemon." He went sounding so proud of his father’s work and being happy to help him with his business in his own way.

Putting down his pick he looked over to his partner. “Think we’ve made enough work that it should be safe to bust it down..?” He asked. Metagross carefully looked over their work before nodding. Metagrosss

"Alright. Touya could you back away from the wall with your pokemon? We’re going to bust through the rest." He announced to the young boy. "We’ve detached it enough to take the fast route."

He guessed if you loved doing your job, it wasn’t much of a job to begin with, so it wouldn’t feel as if the time was dragging by slowly. He supposed time didn’t go that slowly when he was working with the Pokemon he kept under his care, and he was always happy when they could be released to find a real home of their own. But it was more knowing that he could be useful to something that made him happy.

He caught the slight pause, but didn’t think much of it. After all, he tended to pause a lot in conversation. Granted, that was due to the fact that he was a nervous person, but he could hardly be one to find it odd when another did it. It generally came off as natural to the boy. Oh, so he used to be a trainer? That was neat. Touya honestly didn’t know much about when it came to being a professional trainer, or what the demands of it where. He had given up after beating the Gyms in Unova due to his former involvement with Team Plasma, and the fact that Lulu was his only Pokemon.

“That’s nice,” He agreed. “I used to be a trainer, too…” He admitted. Not that he had ever been anything special, at least not in his own opinion. He had never been too good with Pokemon, so he had always struggled to try to understand them. Not that he didn’t care for the creatures. At least the other had stopped for a decent reason. He quit because he was a coward that couldn’t get over the past. He supposed that the passion was never there, though, and it was probably for the better anyway.

“Huh?” He halted his work to blankly stare at the wall before him. That wasn’t really the proper response to such an offer, but it had caught him off guard, hat was for sure. A series of chimes left Lulu’s mouth, attempting to tell her trainer that it was rude to stare at the wall, even more so to not say anything about the offer after his confused blurt. “Uh…” Lulu glared at her trainer’s back. No wonder he barely spoke to anyone. He wasn’t trying to dismiss the offer, or be rude about it, he had been, and still was, surprised. Why offer to help someone the other barely even knew?

“Um…” To be honest, he actually wanted to accept the offer. He barely knew the other, but it seemed like he had his life together. Unlike a certain someone in the cave. But how did one go about accepting an offer like that? And what could be possibly do to pay the other back? He was poor, and it wasn’t like he was an expert at anything, well, other than getting himself lost. “That would be nice…” He tried.

“That’s impressive,” He admitted, slightly in awe of what the others father had created. He could barely use his phone to call his mother. Technology has never been something he had been good at. It happened to run in his family, too, his mother was about as horrid with it as he was. It didn’t help that he now lived in the middle of nowhere in a cabin of all things. “I can barely use a phone,” He laughed slightly after stating the words. They had never had a lot of money, so most of what they had now came from the income Touya had made while he had been trainer. Not that he wanted to admit that income he happened to be living off was going to run dry soon, and he would likely have to start battling again.

He was going to…break down the wall? That sounded horrifying, but he trusted that the other knew what he was doing. “O-okay.” That didn’t sound all that confident, but he back away from the wall regardless, probably a lot further away than he really needed, but the thought of the Pokemon bursting through the wall wasn’t all that pleasant of one. He might have liked he creatures, but he was still afraid of them. He waved for Lulu to move beside him.


"It is really. Though I have my pokemon to help me if I need it though I prefer to try to do it more myself if I can because it’s a nice relaxing job to just pick away at a wall and have all your thoughts to yourself as you look for what can be found." Steven said as he smiled through his hard work, wipping the sweat from his brow as he chuckled. "Sometimes I get lucky in all that work and find a fossel instead of a stone. Not what I try to do but it does make for an interesting day when we run into one of them."

Metaaa~! The Metagross agreed. In all honesty the pokemon had more interest in pokemon fossels than his trainer but that’s the fun of working together. They both enjoyed the work of digging for the hidden items in the earth and sometimes Metagross got an extra great surprise along with the stones they normally search for.

"Hm?" Slowing his pase the man blinked a few times as he was honestly surprised to hear such a response from someone who, to him, seemed so young and full of time for a nice big future. "I’m sure you’ll find something later then." He replied back positively. "Not everyone knows what they want to do right away. Sure my name might have helped me pick my passions but it as because of my father I realized the importance stones are to pokemon and their trainers." He told him in hopes to help keep the situation light. "He works to help devolp products for trainers and their pokemon to use."

This was…relaxing? He was baffled by that concept. Chipping away at a piece of rock was hardly what the former trainer would call relaxing. It wasn’t even close. Touya would admit that he wasn’t a very excitable person, and didn’t really take pleasure in doing anything overly difficult or taxing. But this seemed extreme to him. He wasn’t out of shape by any means, but the boy was rather weak. How long had this guy been digging to holes for it to become relaxing? By that logic, maybe if he took care of Zorua long enough the Pokemon pulling pranks while looking like that trainer would become relaxing. Yeah right.

He allowed the pick axe to hit the floor for a moment, taking another break as Lulu hover behind him. Yup, this was certainly not relaxing, but he’d keep that opinion to himself. Taking a breath, he picked the tool back up to continue chipping away at the stone. “I-It seems like it would be time consuming…”He admitted, struggling slightly to keep his voice steady. He wasn’t really used to this type of labor, and his past days at the hospital would have killed him had he even tried anything like this when he was younger. “A-and a lot of work…” Still, it must have been nice to have something fun to do all of the time.

“T-that sounds interesting.” The Pokemon on the other side seemed to agree with its trainer. He didn’t actually know what Pokemon it was, as he wasn’t all too familiar with Pokemon that lived outside of Unova, but it seemed nice enough. He’d had a fossil given to him once, but that was really all he knew about them. He supposed it wasn’t important anymore, as the Pokemon revived from that fossil had been one of the ones he had released a few years back.

“M-maybe.” He wasn’t too sure about that, but what did he know? He was 19, and he was hardly on his deathbed anymore. He was going to have to find something to do with his life eventually, though he doubted he could find something he was passionate about. His little Pokemon Sanctuary wasn’t going to pay the bills, either, and so he still had to rely on odd jobs to feed the Pokemon in his care, or entering battles with Lulu. At least he knew he hated battling. Too bad it was about the only thing he was good.

So his name did have something to do with it. Then again, if his last name was stone, he probably would have tried digging for stones at one point in his life. Not that Touya figured would get very far in any attempts. So, his father had influenced him? He didn’t know his father at all, but his mother was someone he had always been close. Granted, he didn’t really know what the woman was passionate about other than nagging him for his life choices. Not that he could blame. He deserved it. “I guess I never thought about it that way.” Now he wondered what his mother had wanted to do with her life.

He blinked a few times. Oh, that was neat. “Really, that’s cool. W-what does he make?” He took his hat off rubbing the top of his head to try rid his hair of the sweat that had collected underneath it before placing it on Lulu to get it out of the way. If she could have helped him, she would have, but being a mixture of a ghost and fire type, she wasn’t too useful in the current situation.